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Pet Plant

Pet Plant

PetPlant is the latest craze to hit the UK. Fresh from the Orient, these miniture bonsai marvels are absolutely "alive and beautiful."

PetPlant is a fashionable kit for your phone or key ring and are lots of fun to grow. Once grown (3-6 months) they can be easily transplanted to a larger pot for your home or garden or even present them to your loved ones when they have grown up and are ready for a bigger pot.

There are 7 different PetPlant species to adopt. Each PetPlant has their own unique beauty and characteristics. PetPlants are linked to different oriental charms to make them the perfect gift for close family and friends.

PetPlants are very cute and are loads of fun to care for. Just give them sunshine or office light and water occasionaly and they will grow in their capsule. Treating your PetPlant with TLC (Tender.Love.Care) is the only requirement.

PetPlants come with a lanyard that is ideal for your mobile phone or keychain. Take your PetPlant with you everywhere you go and amaze your friends. No one will believe they are alive.

Species To Adopt

Phoenix Plant (Luck)

The name Fu, which in China means Luck, in  is represented by Phoenix plant. Wise men say luck seldom comes in pairs but bad things never walk alone. Fu is one of the most popular Chinese characters used in Chinese New Year and is believed to be a charm of much power.

  • This plant likes water and also bears up in dry conditions well
  • Do not expose the plant directly to the sun for a long time
  • Water once every 3 weeks

Angel Rose (Love)

The name Ai, which means Love is represented by the Angel Rose. It is said that the Angel Rose blossoms when the love between young lovers matures. With tender, love and care, they will grow green and flower red. It is given as an expression of true love

  • This plant bears up well in dry conditions
  • Give it good doses of sunshine
  • Water about once a month

Barrel Cactus (Strength)

The name Liang, which means Strength, is symbolised by the Golden Barrel Cactus. In a world of adverse conditions the Golden Barrel Cactus is a constant reminder of the strength in nature and that one should never give up hope.

  • This plant likes sunshine
  • Keep them in a dry place. Moisture causes them to grow faster
  • Water every 2 months or when required

Finger Plant (Happiness)

The charatcter Xing, which means Happiness is symbolised by the Finger Plant. This plant, commonly known as House Leek grows green in most gardens around the world. As this plant matures it is believed to bring happiness to the keeper.

  • Give them good doses of frequent sunshine
  • Keep them in a dry place. Moisture causes them to grow faster
  • Water once every 8 weeks or when required

Bijo Plant (Friendship)

The name Yo, which means Friendship is symbolised by the Bijo plant. The Bijoi plant takes the shape of a love heart and when it grows, it is said the love for your friend grows too. Bijo is given to close friends out of respect and symbolises eternal friendship.

  • Give them plenty of sunshine for a healthy shape
  • Over watering will cause them to grow faster
  • Water once every 3 weeks

Ever Plant (Prosperity)

The name Lu, which means Prosperity is represented by the Ever Plant. Prosperity is believed to be the balance of wind and water. With much care it is believed that the goodness of looking after nature will be passed to the grower.

  • This plant likes sunshine and dry conditions
  • Water about once every 2 months or when the leaves get dry
  • Over watering will cause them to grow faster

Aurora Cactus (Peace)

The name Ping , translating to Peace is symbolised by the Aurora Cactus. The Aurora Cactus is a symbol of everlasting peace. Once developed the cactus blossoms with beautiful large flowers and provides ongoing peace to the grower and their family.

  • This plant likes water and also bears up in dry conditions well
  • Do not exposure the plant directly to the sun for a long time
  • Water once every 3 weeks

Please Note:

Delivery for each plant is only 1 we have a policy for not over charging our customers for small items.

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Reviewer: Sarah from Lichfield   5 Stars
What a fantastic idea. A tiny little plant in a keyring. I choose luck and friendship petplants and gave the friendship one to my best mate, she was well pleased. Its been a talking point at work.

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