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Lav Nav Toilet Sensor

Lav Nav Toilet Sensor

Lav Nav Toilet Sensor

Since bathrooms moved indoors, men and women have been at odds over the position of the toilet seat. Just about every woman in UK has at one time or another taken a sleepy trip to the bathroom only to “fall into” a toilet when the seat has been left up – an uncomfortable and potentially injurious scenario. Men feel badgered by the constant “Honey, would you please put the toilet seat down?” matra from the women in their lives.

LavNav to the rescue! This small contoured unit attaches easily to the toilet seat with the enclosed adhesive strip. It’s built-in sensor is triggered by movement. It’s ingenious sensors assess the position of the seat. When you walk up to the toilet in a darkened room, it lights up green if the toilet seat is down, red if it is up. You may be laughing, but this is a serious product. It provides smart, energy efficient lighting for those sleepy late night excursions to the bathroom. No need to turn on that startling bright light. Another plus is that LavNav is powered by two AA batteries, so it doesn’t take up any of the bathroom electrical sockets which always seem to be in short supply.

LavNav is for everyone. While great for youngsters, it is appropriate for all ages. Whether you are looking for a truly useful gadget, a solution to the battle of the sexes, or a gift for aging parents or grandparents, LavNav is perfect.

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