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Shocking Tanks

Shocking Tanks

Shocking Tanks!

Its here finally....the next generation of the shocking era. Shocking tanks take the shock game arena by storm. You control a remote control tank accross the battle field whilst your oposition do the same. Your controller is is theirs! Aim your tank turrents infra red cannon at your opponents and fire to give them a shock and score a hit. 5 hits and you are the winner.

Shocking tanks is set to be this years hottest gadget on the market. Be one of the first to have yours hands on it now.....more importantly, make sure your friend has their "hands" on the other. Happy battling.


  • 2 radio frequency remote controls
  • Ability to send a small electric shock to your opponent
  • 2 electric shock levels
  • 6 indicator hit lights on each tank
  • Controllers have speakers that emit battle sound effects
  • Indicator lights show when you have been hit
  • Suitable for 14 years of age and up

Requires 6 x AAA and 6 x AA batteries (not included).

Please note that although these items are completely harmless, they should not be used by anyone wearing pacemakers, or sufferers of epilepsy, heart conditions or similar.

Our Price: £29.50

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Reviewer: Andrew from Hatfield   4 Stars
I bought my mate a set of the shocking tanks for his birthday for a bit of a laugh. He's a danger to play now though as he's been practising a lot and always wins. They are a lot of fun but play havoc with your nerves!

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