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PicooZ Helicopter
2. USB Oil Diffuser
Street Mouse
3. Glow Brick
Glow Brick
4. Flying Alarm Clock
Flying Alarm Clock
5. Finger Drums
Finger Drums
6. R/C Horse Racing
7. Test Tube Aliens
8. I-Wallet
9. Mood Bowl
10. Lightcast
New Arrivals
2. Cubed Puzzle
3. R/C Pterosaur
4. Sonic Bomb Clock
5. Little Lamp
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Little Lamp
It's the classic lamp shape but in miniature - complete with fully working pull chain on/off switch!


Colour Changing Mood Bowl
This colour changing Led glass bowl can be used as a centrepiece for candy or fruit and it can even be filled with water and floating candles!


Colour Changing Plant Pot
This colour changing plant pot is definitely different and is guaranteed to brighten up any room or patio!

SUCK UK Low Voltage Light

SUCK UK Low Voltage Light
Yet another brilliant design-led product from Suck UK, one of London's top design houses!

Jellephish Mood Lamp

Jellephish Mood Lamp
We've seen some astonishing examples of mood lighting at GoGo-Gadgets but this ultra-modern masterpiece takes some beating. In terms of style and functionality!


Undersea Volcano Lamp
This volcano lamp blends science and art while using kinetic energy to create a mesmerizing display of undersea volcanic eruptions!


Moon In My Room
What's different about the moon tonight? It's in your room! Authentically detailed and hangs on your wall, shining moonlight just like the real moon!

Firefly Lamps

Firefly Lamps
Through the use of brilliant color and glitter, Firefly Lamps display a light show reminiscient of fireflys in a jar a must see!


Sun Jar
Jam jars store jam, the Sun jar collects and stores sunshine so that you can use it at night!


Blow Light
Styled like a night-light, the artificial flame flickers irregularly, just like the real thing - surprisingly you can even blow it out!

Glow Brick

Glow Brick
Suck UK have managed to archieve a superb night light which will glow for upto 8 hours in darkness simply by charging in natural daylight!

Spa Lights

Spa Lights
Flick off the bathroom lights, put on some relaxing music and chill out with your own underwater lighting system!

Oggz Tripple Set

Oggz Tripple Set
Three portable and very funky egg-shaped lamps that glow with changing colours!

Glitter Lava Night Light

Glitter Lava Night Light
Fashioned in the traditional Lava style, the Lava Glitter Night Light is a great way to light your way through the darkest of nights!


Underwater Light Show
Bath time just got more exciting with the Underwater Light Show. This floating disco ball creates a dramatic light show of patterns and color on the sides and bottom of your bath or spa!

USB Mini Glitter Lava Lamp

USB Mini Glitter Lava Lamp
Whether it's a late-night surfing or just your typical afternoon staring at spreadsheets, this USB Mini Lava Light will help you relax!

Magic Candles 4 Colours

Magic Candles 4 Colours
Fed up with your candles making a mess on the mantle piece?


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