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PicooZ Helicopter
2. USB Oil Diffuser
Street Mouse
3. Glow Brick
Glow Brick
4. Flying Alarm Clock
Flying Alarm Clock
5. Finger Drums
Finger Drums
6. R/C Horse Racing
7. Test Tube Aliens
8. I-Wallet
9. Mood Bowl
10. Lightcast
New Arrivals
2. Cubed Puzzle
3. R/C Pterosaur
4. Sonic Bomb Clock
5. Little Lamp
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Genie In A Bottle
Genie loves protecting drinks and keeping them fresh. Have fun with genie… make your wishes come true! Just be careful for what you wish for!


Little Lamp
It's the classic lamp shape but in miniature - complete with fully working pull chain on/off switch!


Pocket Shock It
Pocket Shock-It features all the fun and fear of the popular shocking roulette and lightning reaction games in a portable version!


Poster Gumball
What do you get when you cross a mirror, decorative frame and a candy gulping gumball machine? Well, you get a Wall Hanging Gumball Machine!


Boxing Grannies
The slipers are off, the teeth are out and let the fight begin! With the Boxing Granny, simply press the button and watch these mean Granny machines throw some well-aimed punches at their opponent!


Colour Changing Mood Bowl
This colour changing Led glass bowl can be used as a centrepiece for candy or fruit and it can even be filled with water and floating candles!


USB Desktop Greenhouse
Create a miniature greenhouse on your desktop, and monitor its growth through your PC with its clever USB connectivity, Simply plant the seeds, add water and plug into any USB port!


Colour Changing Plant Pot
This colour changing plant pot is definitely different and is guaranteed to brighten up any room or patio!


I-Look and I-Follow Speakers
I-Look and I-Follow is a unique speaker that blinks, winks, and lights up to the beat of the music!


The Good Book Hip Flask
This particular Good Book is unlikely to deliver you from evil, and it's sure to lead you into temptation!


USB Roll Up Drum Kit
This USB Roll Up Drum Kit lets you experiment with instruments, effects, rhythms, and beats. Which means you can create your own rock beats - and email them to your friends - or play along to the pre-recorded songs!


Grow Your Own Christmas Tree
All you green fingered Christmas loving people can grow your own Christmas tree indoors with our very special miniature do it yourself kit!


New Pet Tree
Your own mini pet tree in your pocket - A cool little accessory that allows you to dip your foot into the world of botany!


I-Wallet Digital Photo Viewer
Great gift for the man in your life, just open up his i wallet digital photo viewer and scroll through your collection of digital photos of his loved ones!


AM/FM Mood Duck Radio
Jazz up your bath time today with this fabulous colour changing duck radio. Picture yourself relaxing in a nice hot steamy Bubble bath playing your favorite soothing tunes!


Cubed Electronic Puzzle
A great new puzzle for all ages with over 600 word and picture games to challenge you. Twist them, spin them, and slide them? Can you solve them all!


RC Golf Incred-a-Ball
Confound and confuse your golfing buddies with this incredible remote control incred-a-ball! Use it as a hilarious prank or even as a sneaky way to improve your game!


World's Largest Crossword Puzzle
In 1996 this crossword puzzle set the Guinness Book of Records for being the World’s Largest Crossword Puzzle. It measures 7 feet by 7 feet and covers 49 square feet of space!


Chip Shotz Golf
Desktop playthings have come a long way, with Chip Shotz Golfer you can bring the golf course right to your desk!

Mp3 Alarm Clock

Mp3 Alarm Clock
Wake up to the funky sounds of your favourite MP3’s with the world's first MP3 Alarm clock!


Emergency Phone Charger
There always comes a time when you need to top up your mobile phone battery. Now there's no need for that to happen again with the emergency phone charger!


Magic Snowman
Just like magic. Watch this guy grow in a day, to a fluffy fat snowman with a top hat, a bow, and a broom. You'll never believe how easy it is!


Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock
Not only will the high pitch alarm make you jump out of bed, the little attachment under your mattress will ensure you rock out of bed. So even if you are deaf, this is the perfect wake up alarm for you!


Money Maze
The Money Maze bank is a great combination of a challenging puzzle and an intruiguing bank. It's easy to make a deposit... but try to make a withdraw!


Digital Hero 3 Waterproof Sports Wrist Camera
The Digital HERO 3 is the ultimate waterproof action camera, Not only is it a 3 mega-pixel waterproof camera that can take still photos, it is also a waterproof video camera!


Hanging Harry
Add a little humor to your light or fan pull cord. Poor Harry has been hanging around just waiting to be discovered by your next guest!


Dog Tag Bottle Opener
Wear this Dog Tag Bottle Opener around your neck at the next party, and you will never have to search for a bottle opener again!


Can't find your wallet or keychain, cant find your cat just when you need to go out? well we have the perfect solution for you the Loc8tor!


Underwater Light Show
Bath time just got more exciting with the Underwater Light Show. This floating disco ball creates a dramatic light show of patterns and color on the sides and bottom of your bath or spa!


Diner Dirt Busters
With strong enough suction to pick up the crumbs from your grandma's infamous Apple Pie to bits of everyday dirt around your home, office or car!


Mi Jam Guitar
Did you ever dream of being the new Jimi Hendrix? Well, here's the chance you waited for, your dreams might come true with this amazingly easy to play digital Mi Jam Guitar!


Create your own light show with a total of eight expressive light sequences that fade in and out to the intensity of the music!


Diet Decision Maker
Whether you’re actually on a diet, or just trying to be a bit more healthy the Diet Decision Maker is the advisor we could all use on our fridge!


Swear Box
Tired of people swearing? Can't get them to stop? Then why not fine them with with this talking Swear Box!


Mood Toast
Toast is a great snack and a favourite breakfast food. Why not make it more interesting by writing a message on your toast!


ATC-2000 All Terrain Action Camera
Simply mount the idiot-proof Action Camera on your helmet or handlebars and you’re away, ideal for all you adrenaline junkies/sport freaks operators out there!


Cheesy Coasters
Just when you thought life couldn't BRIE any better, Some boffin come up with one of the best table products to ever come PASTEURIZE!


Pet Dreamz Cat
Do you lead a busy life? Live in a "no pets" apartment? Have you killed so many plants, you can't be left in charge of another living thing? Perhaps you just want companionship without the commitment!


Pet Dreamz Dog
For every child that begs and pleads for a dog and for every parent who, although as much as they'd love to, have had to say "no" - the solution is at hand!


Flying Alarm Clock
If you are one of those people who struggle to get out of bed in the morning and have tried numerous alarm clocks then we may just have the answer for you!


Rhythm Sticks
Rhythm Sticks can create drum, snare and cymbal sounds. You can either create your own rhythms, or you can play along to pre-recorded music!


Rat In A Trap
Motion activated trapped rat struggles and blurts out 9 original threats, sorry yelps of pain, and pitiful sob stories as he tries every trick in the book to get you to release him!


Trophy Mug & Biscuit Holder
Celebrate being top of the league with this trophy mug. Keep your drink warm with the lid and stash your cookies in the base!


Candle Carver
Create stunning table decorations and ‘still life’ tea light holders with this Candle Carver, great for centrepieces or food presentations using the hole for dips and sauces!


Bow Wow Speakers
These designer Bow Wow speakers give you instant celebrity status without the vet's bills!


Mob Boss Money Box
The Don wants some protection money! Keep this loveable mobster sweet with regular payments or else!


Stealth Switch
StealthSwitch ™is a computer based privacy device that instantly and completely hides applications with a press of a foot switch!


i-Lit Diamond Sound Activated Speakers
Funk up your desktop or apartment with style. i-Lit ™ offers high quality sound with sound-activated illumination!


Finger Beats
Play demos, record your own tracks and play along to your own music. All in all these Finger Beats are a blast for anyone!


Finger Drums
Always tapping on your office desk while on the phone or thinking about your next great idea? Then do yourself a favour by investing in this mini drum kit!


Reading Glasses Pen
A pen that doubles as a Reading Glasses, whenever and wherever, you can read and take note. You can enlarge small prints or figures in no time!


Digital Photo Frame
Digital photos of your friends and family are priceless! Enjoy them everyday with this high quality crystal clear 7.0" LCD Digital Photo Frame!


Oregon Scientific Daylight Projection Clock
Projects the time and indoor temperature on any flat surface, even in well-lighted environments. A really cool addition to your living space!


Starlight Umbrella
Cheer up rainy days with this starlight umbrella. Press a button on the handle to light up dozens of tiny LEDs which create the effect of a starry night sky!


Strobing Beer Glass
Great for any party, bbq or social event these glasses look great in the dark and can be used over and over again!


Marked Playing Cards
Have Poker nights and increase your chances of winning, or amaze your friends with your ability to mind read their card!


Miniquarium Fire Mountain
This wonderful mood lamp features a high intensity red LED and flowing lava beads giving an impressive dynamic light display of molten lava erupting from a red hot volcano!


AM/FM Floating Love Duck Radio
Choose your favourite romantic AM or FM radio station and this little guy will fill your bathroom with the sweet music of love!


Aurora Colour Changing Alarm Clock
Light up your life with this unique clock. It glows a different colour every hour, with gentle flashing illumination and alarm sound to help you start the day!

T-Qualizer Tshirt

T-Qualizer Tshirt
The T-Qualizer is a 100% cotton shirt with a sound sensitive graphic equalizer panel that lights up to the beat of music!


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