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Shower BreastsShower Breasts
Clean up britain's men with shower breasts, Something you'll have to squeeze in your shower!
Raunchy Wrapping Paper
Wrap your gifts in our new raunchy wrapping paper and see the delight on your friends faces as they tear into their presents!
Red & Blue Led Scrolling BadgeRed & Blue Led Scrolling Badge
Customizable name badge with programable scrolling messages!
TXT Led TagzTXT Led Tagz
Get your very own "Pimpin Style" LED dog tag. With Quality comfort touch lanyard, fashion meets technology!
Carry Me Home Drinking Game
Who needs to go out to have fun? Just open this game and you have all you need to keep you and your friends occupied for the whole evening!
DIY Speed Dating
The latest greatest craze for singletons everywhere. This kit contains all you need to have your own speed dating evening, its simple, just add a few friends, babes and hunks!
The Starfish - Bath SensorThe Starfish - Bath Sensor
No more getting into hot water or continiously checking the bath water level with starfish!
Lightning Reaction ExtremeLightning Reaction Extreme
Lightning Reaction Extreme - avoid the shock and win the game not for the faint hearted!
This set has everything that you need to get you started raising your own Aquasaur family. Add water and see live Aquasaurs hatch before your eyes!
Robotic Laser Ball
Sound or touch activated see through ball features a little robot that's desperate to run around all over the place!
Challenge 20Q TabletopChallenge 20Q Tabletop
360 degree spiral dome display so everyone can see and everyone can play!
Opening PerformanceOpening Performance
Just apply it like you would any ordinary bottle opener and enjoy the sounds of your very own Opening Performance!
Sudoku Electronic Hand HeldSudoku Electronic Hand Held
This latest craze to hit the nation now has been transformed into this electronic format with over 10,000 puzzles to play!
Lav Nav Toilet SensorLav Nav Toilet Sensor
Yes crazy but fantastic - you will wonder how you managed without it!
Keyboard OrganizerKeyboard Organizer
Keyboard with internal storage to organize your desktop!
Commodore 64 30-in-1 Game SystemCommodore 64 30-in-1 Game System
An arcade full of fun in one take-anywhere unit, Based on the classic Commodore 64 home computer gaming system!
Talking Toilet Paper HolderTalking Toilet Paper Holder
Surprise your family & friends with an unexpected bathroom message!
20Q Mind Reader20Q Mind Reader
Can you stump the 'all knowing' artificial intelligence of Q20??
Micro Tool With Light
Pliers, blades, screwdrivers, bottle opener, torch and a durable belt carry case!
Paint Your Own Piggy Bank
Here's a fun way to learn about money and savings with this adorable piggy bank. Paint a large ceramic pig using 12 colors of paint!
X-Zylo UltraX-Zylo Ultra
X-zyLo the incredible flying gyroscope that has been thrown the length of two football fields!
Projection ClockProjection Clock
Keep this clever little clock in your pocket or purse and you'll always know what time it is!
Magic Message Egg
Perfect and ingenious way to say a message to that special someone!
Pet PlantPet Plant
PetPlant is the latest craze to hit the UK. Fresh from the Orient, these miniture bonsai marvels are absolutely "alive and beautiful"
Shocking LiarShocking Liar
If one of your mates is prone to telling the odd porky pie then they're in for a shock!
Executive Roulette SetExecutive Roulette Set
This Mini Roulette Set will give you a lot of fun and maybe... money!
Talking Keyring Clock
No more looking on the clock to check the time! Was £5.00
Finger Flick Punchbag
Test your strength with this desktop Finger Flick Punchbag, Great fairground fun for all the family!
Heart Cushtie™
Ideal as a great gift idea for the one you love, whether as a valentines or birthday present, to show the depth of your love!
Vibrating Cushtie™ CushionVibrating Cushtie™ Cushion
Vibrating Cushtie features a powerful vibrating motor in its soft foam base!
Suspended Animation Alarm Clock
Imagine an animated alarm clock that also displays full-motion messages!
Desktop VoIP Phone With Speakerphone
This phone enables you to enjoy free phone calls anywhere in the world!
Plant In A Tin
Brighten up any window sill, Desk or room with this handy plant in a tin!
VoIP Skype Phone+LCD
This EZ-I phone enables you to enjoy free phone calls anywhere in the world!
Kama Sutra Dominoes
Let your fantasies run wild with this Kama Sutra domino game!
Kama Sutra Striptease Game
Kama Sutra Strip Poker is an exciting variant of the traditional poker game!
Casino Carousel chip and card holder
Ideal for those late night poker sessions!
Handheld Casino
This hand held Casino game will keep you occupied for hours!
Dashboard Homer
Any Simpsons fan will love this great Dashboard Homer!
Shocking Guns
Shocking guns - Electric Shock Duelling for the 21st Century!

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