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Shocking Guns
Shocking guns - Electric Shock Duelling for the 21st Century!
Pocket Excuses
Have you ever needed help getting off the phone with someone?
Credit Card Digital Camera
This tiny digital camera is shockingly small!
Water Powered Clock
We're not sure how it works, but it does!
Paint Your Own Mug
This mug is ready to be decorated with your own design!
Deluxe Professional Magic SetDeluxe Professional Magic Set
Entertain your family, friends with easy to perform magic!
Professional 15 Tricks And Illusions
A compilation of some of the greatest close up magic tricks ever invented!
Professional Card Tricks Box Set
This Professional Magic Set contains all you need to get started, impress your friends with ease!
Firebird Lite-up Yo-YoFirebird Lite-up Yo-Yo
This Yo-Yo is one of those Items that will never lose its appeal!
Keyring Pocket Kite
Remarkable, strutless, fully functioning parafoil kite!
Wireless USB Security Lock
Your information is private so keep it secure!
Magic Candles 4 ColoursMagic Candles 4 Colours
Fed up with your candles making a mess on the mantle piece?
Mobile Phone Shaped Calculator
Designs based on popular model phones! Was £5.00
Reusable Hand Warmer
These hand warmers are great for keeping those winter chills away!
Plane LauncherPlane Launcher
Probably the World's Smallest Micro Helicopter! Was £8.00
Electric Fly Swatter
Just Zap The Flying Bugs with a Simple Wave of our Electric Fly Swatter!
TV-B-Gone Model II
This small keychain wonder is designed to turn off virtually any television!
Bad Mutha Wallet
Bad Mother wallet as carried by Jules' in Pulp Fiction!
Spy Glasses
No one will sneak up on you with these designer glasses!
WiFi Finder Keyring
The Simplest, fastest way to locate a hotspot!
Spyrolite - Led Mini Fan
This amazing mini fan flashes different patterns that change after a few minutes!
Vibrating Soap
Put a BUZZ into bath time – this heart shaped soap can really make you tingle with excitement!
Cool Tunes Stereo Radio Fan
For those hot summer days!
Glitter Lava Night LightGlitter Lava Night Light
Fashioned in the traditional Lava style, the Lava Glitter Night Light is a great way to light your way through the darkest of nights!
Sonic Grenade
The Ultimate annoying fun gift, ideal to get a teenager out of bed! Just pull the pin and throw it in!
USB Mini Glitter Lava LampUSB Mini Glitter Lava Lamp
Whether it's a late-night surfing or just your typical afternoon staring at spreadsheets, this USB Mini Lava Light will help you relax!
Homer Fridge Magnet Talking Bottle OpenerHomer Fridge Magnet Talking Bottle Opener
The Homer talking bottle opener says three trademark phrases as you pry off that bottle cap!
Homer Talking Ice BucketHomer Talking Ice Bucket
Simply chuck in a bag ice and add a couple of your favourite tinnies and Homer will enlighten you with one of his profoundly funny phrases!
Homer's Head Bottle OpenerHomer's Head Bottle Opener
If you're anything like Homer and you just can't get enough of that 'Duff', then you'll love this fabulous bottle opener!

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