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Shocking Guns

Shocking guns - Electric Shock Duelling for the 21st Century. These laser shock guns bring a whole new meaning to shoot-outs. It's gun fighting without the bruises or paint.......but with electric shocks!!

Challenge your friend or enemy to a duel - strap on the chest plates and set your power settings - high for hardmen and low for wimps or little girls! Then turn your garden or house into a warzone. A direct hit on the chest plate with the guns laser will give your partner a shock through the handle of the gun. - Great fun.


  • 2 High quality, auto reload guns with long range, super accurate power shock beams
  • 2 Chest targets with status indicator lights
  • If your hit, your gun will give an electric shock through the hand grip
  • Two shock levels......wimp or tough brave do you feel?
  • Indicator lights show when you have been hit. Five strikes and you're out
  • Guns are supplied with carry strap to stop user from dropping them when shocked!
  • Full instructions enclosed

Requires 6 x AAA batteries (included)

Please note that although these items are completely harmless, they should not be used by anyone wearing pacemakers, or sufferers of epilepsy, heart conditions or similar.

Not suitable for children.

Our Price: £26.00

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Reviewer: Chris from Peterborough   5 Stars
This has got to be one of the most painful fun I have experienced. Paintballing is nowhere near the excitement of being electricuted. Why spend so much renting land or paying for paintballs when all the fun you can have comes under a one off payment. This has an unbelievably long lasting fun EVERYTIME it is played. I highly recommend this product if you are into thrills and excitement. What's more fun than seeing your friend lying on the floor begging for mercy?

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