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Dinkie Dino

Dinkie Dino is a hand held video game machine in the shape of a cool dinosaur that requires attention from the player or owner. He is a virtual pet hatched from a tiny egg after traveling millions of light years through cyberspace.

Dinkie Dino quickly grows into a dorable virtual reality pet in a wide variety or shapes and personalities. A new game starts with Dinkie Dino hatched from tiny cyberspace egg stored in the unit.

When you first make contact with this fella, it a mere dinosaur egg. In few seconds Dinkie Dino is hatched into an infant. From here on out, the name of the game is nurturing. Using 5 buttons around the LCD screen. You must feed him when hungry ; give him drink when thirsty; play games with the creature to keep it happy; give him medicine when sick; shower him when he dirty; turn on the air conditioning when he gets too hot or too cold.

If you are a good caretaker, he will become a loving friend. If neglected, Dinkie Dino will turn into a rambunctious grouch. The length of time that Dinkie Dino spends with you on Earth depends on how well you care for him. One day on Earth is equivalent to one year in irtual pet time. If having a real pet is difficult for you at home, or taking it outto everywhere you go is inconvenient.

Dinkie Dino is definitely the right pet to own. Order them now while these rare dinosaur creatures are really limited on our planet.

Our Price: £1.00

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