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The Aquasaur’s habitat has been 350 million years in the making! Now you can hatch and raise live Aquasaurs in a fascinating prehistoric aquatic environment. Watch as they swim and play among glowing undersea volcanoes. It truly is as if you are travelling back in time. The perfect gift for anyone who has already got regular fish tanks and wants something different.

The Aquasaurs (or Triops Longicaudatus to all you Latin scholars out there) are even older than dinosaurs and they have survived the ice-age, the stone-age every other age. It has been proved that Aquasaur eggs can lie dormant for up to 25 years which is probably the secret to their survival.

This set has everything that you need to get you started raising your own Aquasaur family. So just add water (spring water ONLY, our tap water was not around 350 million years ago after all!) and see live Aquasaurs hatch before your eyes.

Some interesting facts about Aquasaurs (Triops):

  • Aquasaurs can currently be found on every continent except Antartica
  • An Aquasaur's skeleton is on the outside of its body
  • An Aquasaur has three eyes: two compound eyes, and one simple eye (Triops literally means "three eyes")
  • Loads more facinating facts can be found in the instruction booklet!

What's included:

  • Aquasaur habitat (Dimensions: Width - 25cm, Height - 18cm, Depth - 15cm)
  • Removable magnifying glass in the lid
  • Stick on thermometer
  • Bag of gravel
  • Pack of Aquasaur eggs (enough for 2 lifecycles)
  • Pack of Aquasaur food
  • 2 plastic stirrers
  • Very detailed instruction booklet

You will need:

  • Around 4 litres of bottled spring water (NOT tap water as this contains chemicals that are harmful to Aquasaurs)
  • Suitable for ages 6 and above
  • Setting up the tank must be done under adult supervision.

Our Price: £18.00

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