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TXT Led Tagz

Get your very own "Pimpin Style" LED dog tag. With Quality comfort touch lanyard, fashion meets technology. Now you can create your custom messages into the display. It only takes a minute or so to program and you'll be on your way.

The badge can say whatever you want. Storing up to six different messages that can be changed using on-board control buttons, each message can be set for various scroll speed, and the badge is smaller than a credit card and weighs less than an ounce. The battery will last for a good eighteen hours. Just think how useful a badge like this could be...get the message?!


  • The product can be programmed with up to six different messages and set to scroll at various speeds across the bright LED display. Each message can be up to 126 characters in length.
  • The user programs the messages using buttons on the back of the product. Example messages may include
    Hi there, my name is ……
    My phone number is 07734 323 123, Call Me!!
    I love Brittney!
    My name is James Brown, come get some!
  • The product is worn around the neck and can be worn over or under clothing. When worn under a reasonably thin material the messages shine through the clothing.
  • Frosted and embossed / printed pouch.

Our Price: £19.00

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