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PicooZ Helicopter
2. USB Oil Diffuser
Street Mouse
3. Glow Brick
Glow Brick
4. Flying Alarm Clock
Flying Alarm Clock
5. Finger Drums
Finger Drums
6. Duck Radio
7. Test Tube Aliens
8. Bath Sensor
9. Belt Bottle Opener
10. Talking Rose
New Arrivals
Loc8tor Plus
2. Projection Clock
Oregon Scientific Daylight Projection Clock
3. Mind Trainer Roll
Mind Trainer Toilet Roll
4. Lightcast
Wooden Love Dolls
5. Action Camera
ATC-2000 All Terrain Action Camera
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Money Maze
The Money Maze bank is a great combination of a challenging puzzle and an intruiguing bank. It's easy to make a deposit... but try to make a withdraw!


RC Golf Incred-a-Ball
Confound and confuse your golfing buddies with this incredible remote control incred-a-ball! Use it as a hilarious prank or even as a sneaky way to improve your game!


Dog Tag Bottle Opener
Wear this Dog Tag Bottle Opener around your neck at the next party, and you will never have to search for a bottle opener again!


The Good Book Hip Flask
This particular Good Book is unlikely to deliver you from evil, and it's sure to lead you into temptation!


Can't find your wallet or keychain, cant find your cat just when you need to go out? well we have the perfect solution for you the Loc8tor!


Diner Dirt Busters
With strong enough suction to pick up the crumbs from your grandma's infamous Apple Pie to bits of everyday dirt around your home, office or car!


Mi Jam Guitar
Did you ever dream of being the new Jimi Hendrix? Well, here's the chance you waited for, your dreams might come true with this amazingly easy to play digital Mi Jam Guitar!

Mp3 Alarm Clock

Mp3 Alarm Clock
Wake up to the funky sounds of your favourite MP3’s with the world's first MP3 Alarm clock!


Create your own light show with a total of eight expressive light sequences that fade in and out to the intensity of the music!


Swear Box
Tired of people swearing? Can't get them to stop? Then why not fine them with with this talking Swear Box!


ATC-2000 All Terrain Action Camera
Simply mount the idiot-proof Action Camera on your helmet or handlebars and you’re away, ideal for all you adrenaline junkies/sport freaks operators out there!


MobiBOX MP410 MPEG4 Portable Movie Player
Excellent portable MPEG4 (Movie) and MP3 (Music) player with FM Radio...fitting comfortably in the hand, this compact player boasts some impressive functionality!


Cheesy Coasters
Just when you thought life couldn't BRIE any better, Some boffin come up with one of the best table products to ever come PASTEURIZE!


Flying Alarm Clock
If you are one of those people who struggle to get out of bed in the morning and have tried numerous alarm clocks then we may just have the answer for you!


Rat In A Trap
Motion activated trapped rat struggles and blurts out 9 original threats, sorry yelps of pain, and pitiful sob stories as he tries every trick in the book to get you to release him!


Trophy Mug & Biscuit Holder
Celebrate being top of the league with this trophy mug. Keep your drink warm with the lid and stash your cookies in the base!


Bow Wow Speakers
These designer Bow Wow speakers give you instant celebrity status without the vet's bills!


Stealth Switch
StealthSwitch ™is a computer based privacy device that instantly and completely hides applications with a press of a foot switch!


i-Lit Diamond Sound Activated Speakers
Funk up your desktop or apartment with style. i-Lit ™ offers high quality sound with sound-activated illumination!


Finger Beats
Play demos, record your own tracks and play along to your own music. All in all these Finger Beats are a blast for anyone!


Reading Glasses Pen
A pen that doubles as a Reading Glasses, whenever and wherever, you can read and take note. You can enlarge small prints or figures in no time!


Digital Photo Frame
Digital photos of your friends and family are priceless! Enjoy them everyday with this high quality crystal clear 7.0" LCD Digital Photo Frame!


Oregon Scientific Daylight Projection Clock
Projects the time and indoor temperature on any flat surface, even in well-lighted environments. A really cool addition to your living space!


Starlight Umbrella
Cheer up rainy days with this starlight umbrella. Press a button on the handle to light up dozens of tiny LEDs which create the effect of a starry night sky!


Marked Playing Cards
Have Poker nights and increase your chances of winning, or amaze your friends with your ability to mind read their card!


Miniquarium Fire Mountain
This wonderful mood lamp features a high intensity red LED and flowing lava beads giving an impressive dynamic light display of molten lava erupting from a red hot volcano!


AM/FM Floating Love Duck Radio
Choose your favourite romantic AM or FM radio station and this little guy will fill your bathroom with the sweet music of love!

T-Qualizer Tshirt

T-Qualizer Tshirt
The T-Qualizer is a 100% cotton shirt with a sound sensitive graphic equalizer panel that lights up to the beat of music!

Mug Boss

Mug Boss
Mug Boss is a nifty way to organize your desk or workbench. It fits into a coffee mug and its 12 pockets hold pens, pencils, scissors, paintbrushes, and much, much more!


Sheriff's Hat Cup & Saucer
Time for tea cowboy style, with this hat shaped teacup and saucer. Perfect gift for the person who thinks he is the Sheriff at home!


Doogie Door Stop
Although he won't lie down, beg or roll over the Doogie(TM) doorstop will be your obedient doorstopper for life!

Powerball Neon Pro

Powerball Neon Pro
Powerball is a dynamic and completely revolutionary new gyroscope that literally explodes with mind numbing torque and inertia once you activate its internal rotor!


Desktop Boyfriend & Girlfriend
Do you long for your Boyfriend or Girlfriend while you’re at work? The Desktop Boyfriend or Girlfriend will keep you company as he or she sits perched on top of your desk, computer screen or other flat surfaces!


Xploda Balloon Roulette
Test your nerves by playing Xploda Balloon Roulette. Not for the faint hearted or those with a nervous disposition - which of course makes it all the more exciting!


Potty Putter
Introducing Potty Putter! The toilet time golf game that lets you practice your putting while going to the bathroom!


Rhythm Sticks
Rhythm Sticks can create drum, snare and cymbal sounds. You can either create your own rhythms, or you can play along to pre-recorded music!


Waboba Ball
The ball that bounces on water guarantees a lot of fun - and the beachgame adds a real physical and tactical challenge!


Floating Football Radio
Well now you can jump in the bath, Lie back and soak up the bubbles whilst listening to your favourite tunes or listening to the match from this very cool floating football radio!


Season Ticket Fund Money Box
This is perfect for all you hardcore football all your hard earned cash in this great season ticket fund moneybox!


Sharp Shooting TV Remote Control
Is the TV boring you? Can't stand the soaps? Be the sherrif in your own home and blast through the channels with this gun shaped remote control!


Bullshit Button
This bullshit button actually does something useful. Whenever your friends make some outlandish claim, just slam on this button and it’ll pop out one of five “clever” sayings!


i.Tech Portable Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard
The Bluetooth Virtual Laser Keyboard uses the power of laser and infra red technology to project a full-size keyboard onto any flat surface!


Vibrating Handy Massager
A massager that will work wonders on your sore and aching muscles. Simply press the thumb nail to turn on and get to work soothing and relaxing your whole body!


Coughing & Screaming Ashtray
WARNING: You may want to give up smoking when you use this ashtray!


Mind Trainer Toilet Roll
Mind Trainer Toilet Roll encourages you to train your brain. Printed with different mind bending puzzle games in full colour. It is sure to keep you occupied while you are otherwise occupied!


Scrolling LED Message Pen
With the Scrolling LED Messenger Pen you can program a message up to 118 characters long and hypnotize whoever is curious enough to gaze at the scrolling message!


iCushion Cover
T-Equalizer is the t-shirt with the built in graphic equalizer, and its now available on a cushion. This crazy gadget is a real head turner and conversation piece!


Finger Drums
Always tapping on your office desk while on the phone or thinking about your next great idea? Then do yourself a favour by investing in this mini drum kit!


Virtual Boyfriend
This V-boy game allows you to practice your relationship skills with 8 wildly different virtual boyfriends - each with their own unique personality!


Virtual Girlfriend
This V-girl game allows you to practice your relationship skills with 8 wildly different virtual girlfriends - each with their own unique personality!


Wooden Love Dolls
Send a secret message to the one you love using the attractive and colourful Wooden Love Dolls!


Suduko Toilet Roll
Why not play Suduko with your loo paper? Contemplate not constipate! Suduko is dangerously addictive, and if you get frustrated with it just use it as toilet paper and flush it away!


Rolling Scissors
So simple and effortless, these Rolling Scissors are a joy to use. Easily cuts through a variety of materials but they really come in to their own when your cutting gift wrap off a roll!


Dart Coat Hooks
When it comes to designer coat hooks, these Darts from designer Anthony Chrisp are just superb!


Digital Clock T-Shirt
Turn yourself into a human clock just switch the battery pack on, and you can go from being anonymous to the talk of the town!


The Amazing Flying Monkey
Fling The Flying Monkey in your home, sling it in your yard, whip it around at the office. Anywhere you can go is just another place for you to launch your Flying Monkey!


Flicking The Bird
Let others know how you really feel....just squeeze the pump and let the finger do the rest!

Sling Shot Catapult

Sling Shot Catapult
The Sling Shot Catapult unleashes the Dennis the Menace in everyone, great for indoor target practice!


Forget reading the horoscope in the daily papers and by-pass those the fair-ground fortune-tellers. We have most exciting developement in Fortune Prediction for thousands of years!


Racing Grannies
Two grannies complete with zimmer frames and shopping baskets will have you howling with laughter as you watch them scuttle along your desk!


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