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Glow Brick
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Finger Drums
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9. Belt Bottle Opener
10. Talking Rose
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Loc8tor Plus
2. Projection Clock
Oregon Scientific Daylight Projection Clock
3. Mind Trainer Roll
Mind Trainer Toilet Roll
4. Lightcast
Wooden Love Dolls
5. Action Camera
ATC-2000 All Terrain Action Camera
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Shocking Quiz
You may be a whiz at the pub quiz, but test your knowledge and your nerve with the Shocking Quiz. The Stakes are high and so is the Voltage!


Shocking Alarm Clock
If you really need a jump start to get you going in the morning, this clock is just the thing. Turning off the alarm will result in a startling electrical shock, sure to wake you up!


Shocking Autopsy
Remember the kids game Operation were you had to use tweezers to extract things from some dorky looking patient, well this is a slightly more adult version called Shocking Autopsy.


Shock Ball
Hot potato for the 21st century. If you are up for the challenge, play shock ball, the ultimate competitive ball game!

Shocking Duel

Shocking Duel
Are you brave enough to take on the Shocking Challenge? Shocking Duel sets out to test the pain threshold of every person who dares to play it.

Shocking Tanks

Shocking Tanks
It's a game requiring nerves of steel and rubber soles!


Shockolate Vault
Whether you're protecting your stash from sweet-tooth bandits, or you need a little help with your own self-discipline, the Shockolate Vault has the power!


Double Sided Shocking Racer
It’s the fastest round the track who wins and when you hit the end of the track your opponent will be shocked!


Shocking Arm Wrestling
Play the ultimate arm wrestling challenge with this 21st century game where the weakest gets shocked literally!


Shocking Memory
Who has a shocking memory? Get the sequence wrong and you're in for a shock, How hard can it be?

Lightning Reaction Extreme

Lightning Reaction Extreme
Lightning Reaction Extreme - avoid the shock and win the game not for the faint hearted!

Shocking Liar

Shocking Liar
If one of your mates is prone to telling the odd porky pie then they're in for a shock!


Shocking Guns
Shocking guns - Electric Shock Duelling for the 21st Century!


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