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Test Tube Aliens & Test Tube Alien X

Test Tube aliens are a fantastic new craze sweeping the country! They're aliens that kids can grow themselves and then nurture to become up to eight times their original alien size!

There are six test tube aliens to collect - Tatsuni, Yagoni, Kurion, Shako, Takon, Dodec. Kids can simply hatch your alien from a chrysalis and bring your alien to life then monitor their aliens health and extend their lives using a fantastic interactive website (

Test Tube Aliens are totally interactive so they will challenge as well as entertain kids. They need to be fed carefully if they're to grow eight times their original size! Children can learn by keep thir alien alive with the right amount of food and light.

Which Test Tube Alien Will You Choose?

  • Kurion - Good
  • Yagoni - Good
  • Tatsuni - Good

  • Dodec - Evil
  • Takon - Evil
  • Shako - Evil

The Test Tube Alien Story

Naratuko (The Test Tube Aliens 'home' planet) is dying. The environment in the test tube, recreates that of Naratuko, until a new suitable planet can be found for the test tube aliens to colonize. The test tube aliens planet has habitable sloog swamps, much like the continents on earth, so the test tube aliens natural living environment deems they be raised in sloog environment which contains their food & nutrients and protects them from drying out, Due to the size of the test tube aliens planet and the speed it rotates around their suns, their year equates to one earth day, our daytime being their summer and dark all winter, so to maintain perfect health the test tube aliens prefer to see 12 hours continuous light followed by 12 hours continuous dark.

The test tube aliens breathe through the tips of their antennas, therefore for perfect health the test tube aliens like to remain covered in sloog, with just the tips of their antennas protruding. If completely immersed in sloog the test tube aliens will start to drown, if not enough they will starve or dry out. The test tube aliens will grow to their maximum size over a period of a couple of weeks, (14 days) making them teenagers in their own planet terms. An alien may live to be over 200 years old on Naratuko. Whilst the test tube aliens are alive they have a visible flashing heartbeat, You can tell the status and health of a test tube alien by monitoring this heartbeat.

The test tube aliens can communicate through the Internet, by holding a test tube alien to the computer screen at the test tube alien can be interrogated to determine; health, age, or to set various modes.

Why are they here?

In the face of the destruction of their race, the good aliens decided that their only hope would be to do as their forefathers had done. A genetic mutation allowed them to regress their age and transform their bodies into that of an unborn aliens. By doing this they lost all of they bodily strength gained over the millennia only their powerful minds remaining intact, as their bodies reverted to that of an infant. They would travel the galaxy in search of a sympathetic life form that would raise them back to adulthood, until such a time as a new, habitable planet could be found, As they fled the planet in their regressed chrysalis state, the evil race saw the lights from their launch and decided they had no choice.

The evil race would not allow the good to prevail and decided to undertake the same gruesome transformation so that they could pursue the good race, in an attempt to wipe them out once and for all.........

The new bigger next generation of alien has landed!

Meet Test Tube Aliens X, the latest addition to the interactive toy family.

The Sentients have reached earth with special powers of courage, intelligence and wisdom. Keep your alien strong and prolong his life through feeding and helping him to breathe.

Individual Sentients attributes can be enhanced or diminished by the quality of care and treatment they experience on Earth and through their interaction with the website: Their survival and victory depends on you! Look after your alien well and his powers will grow ready for the online battle!

Choose a Alien

Our Price: £12.00


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